In addition to distinctive memorials, we also offer a wide variety of accessories. Memorial planters are just one of those accessories perfectly built for a private garden or other natural burial tribute.

Whether you’re looking to memorialize a loved one, recognize an individual or dedicate a new building, we offer a quality product at a reasonable price.  Aluminum or bronze plaques offer a permanent recognition option that is attractive and durable. Plaques may be personalized with an image, logo or photo.

Black Monument carries natural stone cremation urns that are beautiful as well as durable. We offer selections in marble or granite. Urns are available in many colors, styles and sizes.

A granite or stone vase would make a lovely addition to any single or companion monument. Built and shaped to be a permanent option, these vases will readily hold any seasonal flowers brought in celebration of ones passing. Granite or stone vases are one of the most popular options for memorials and graves. They are easy to hold on a headstone, and many families choose them over plastic vases because of their natural look. Additionally, granite or stone vases allow you to choose the color of your stone making each vase slightly unique, depending on color.

Black Monument also services memorials and monuments. We offer monument restoration, cleaning and on site engraving. Memorials are fabricated from materials designed to endure. Time and exposure to the elements may affect the appearance.

In addition to distinctive memorials, we also offer a wide variety of accessories. Cement planters, granite vases, metal vases, or statues are a few of the options available to enhance and customize a memorial.

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