Getting Started

The Art of Telling Your Loved One’s Story

When you are ready and feel comfortable, we are available to help you select a memorial that is a true work of art. At Black Monument, we believe each memorial is a unique and personal reflection of love and devotion.

Selecting a permanent memorial may seem overwhelming and complex, especially if you have not been involved in the process before. Here a few to steps to guide you as you begin thinking about a memorial tribute that honors and celebrates your loved one.

Choosing The Size

Choosing the memorial size is the first step in the process. The size may be determined by the number of people being honored and remembered. A “double” or “companion” monument will be for two or more people. A “single” will be for one person. The memorial may be a flat marker or an elaborate upright monument. Sometimes, the cemetery may predetermine your options as far as size and style. Black Monument serves ALL cemeteries and memorial parks/gardens. We are happy to help you with the size, shape and material that best meets your need, at a reasonable cost, with exceptional service.

Choose The Color

Choosing the memorial color is the second step. Each granite color represents a different quarry from around the globe. Black Monument offers the finest domestic granites from many areas of the United States and Canada, as well as Italian, European, African and Far Eastern granites. Each granite has a unique color and character. Some designs and lettering styles work better on certain colors. We also offer the highest quality bronze memorials.  We encourage you to view our wide range of colors first hand in our showroom.

Choose The Design

hoosing the memorial design is the last step. There are endless design options to tell the story of your loved one. From endearments, religious symbols, civic or military emblems, photos or signatures, we have the ability and the craftsmanship to turn any idea into a beautiful, permanent work of art. Our design staff will personally work with you to design a monument as unique as the loved one it honors. Use our gallery as a guide to gather ideas to tell your loved one’s story in stone.  At Black Monument, we want to help you create a memorial that honors and celebrates your memories.  Please contact us with any questions you may have. Our dedicated staff  is here to assist you.

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