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About Kent Memorial Gardens

Kent Memorial Gardens has been designated by the state as a Perpetual Care Cemetery, meaning that the resting spaces for you and your loved ones will be maintained from now until the end of time.  Our commitment to you is to care for you and your family’s needs throughout an experience of loss.   We are also dedicated to assisting you in the pre-planning process to alleviate unnecessary burdens from your family in a time of grief and gain peace of mind.  

As a Perpetual Care cemetery, the Kent Memorial Gardens staff knows that your care does not end when the funeral service is over or when the tomb is closed. Whether you are looking for a resting place for a loved one who has recently passed away or you are planning for your own future, our dedicated staff promises to treat you and your loved ones with the respect and dignity that you deserve.  They serve with a level of compassion and empathy unparalleled in the industry and will care for you and your family long after service is acquired. Our counselors possess abundant knowledge and innate ability to ensure your needs are met beyond your satisfaction. They are able to provide options within your budget while ensuring the highest value for your investment.

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